crows caw
up in the trees
blackberries ripen



3 thoughts on “Ripe

  1. I mistakenly commented my enjoys to Bruce at Haiku for Cats over the above. He shoved your authorship which I had advertently missed and am now happy so to praise. Well-tooled, ‘Tree! Thanks. The question I asked yon Jewett was this: where are you that your blackberries are come to fruition? I still have two months to go before rabbit-eyed (lowbush) blueberries, three to go for Florida High Bush and only in late June do we see rent arms from picking blackberries after three months of watching out for rattlesnakes awaiting birds in the berry bushes. Thanfully, I can close my eyes and imagine the strawverries I now pick are smaller, sweeter and woodsier. You have watered my bearded chin with such berryish images.


    1. I often write from memories. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin and I often spend some of my summer in Indiana. I’m already looking forward to this year’s blackberry harvest!


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